OSP has teamed up with QikID Services

The Occupier Services Portal (OSP) is a cloud-based platform that enables property stakeholders and tenants to better manage and interact with the buildings they are responsible for or occupy.

The OSP is an offering from Elogbooks, a market-leading CAFM solution used by the majority of the UK’s managing agents in over 16,000 properties nationwide.

The platform is designed to facilitate easier FM-tenant communication, and provides site teams with a straightforward, centralised way to manage building processes.

Now, the OSP has teamed up with QikID Services (EMEA) Ltd to offer an integration with QikDETEKT autonomous biometric facial recognition.

Cost-effective, low-maintenance and easily-integrated, QikDETEKT is a secure, cloud-based biometric identity management system designed to facilitate visitor flow, improve customer engagement and enhance user experience in both commercial and residential spaces.

Property users simply pre-register their photo via a secure portal. On entering a building, their facial image is captured by QikDETEKT’s strategically-placed cameras and matched to the biometric profile on the database in real time. This allows effortless entry for the user and real-time notification of the individual’s arrival to be sent to the relevant host.

As well as the benefits of its customer-facing applications, QikDETEKT can also be used to add an extra layer of security by facilitating real-time surveillance of key entry points and restricting access to commercially sensitive spaces, where necessary.

For further information please contact Steve Morley at steve@qikid.com or Neil Holloway at neil@qikid.com.