Combatting Theft & Violence ‘in-store.

Biometric Technology Solutions – The Future in Combatting Retail Crime

Finding more effective ways to enhance security across the retail industry is an urgent issue given recent statistics. According to figures from the British Retail Consortium’s 2017 Retail Crime Survey, the direct cost of customer theft has grown by £65m in the last year, with employee theft rising by 36% and shoplifting also on the increase, despite a downturn in other types of theft. In addition, there has also been a startling rise in the number of reported incidents of violence and abuse against shop workers, with cases across the retail industry doubling over the last year.

Crime in the Supermarket and Convenience Store Sector

A significant part of the retail sector, supermarkets and convenience stores are increasingly feeling the effects of rising crime rates, with the Association of Convenience Stores reporting that the top three concerns for store owners are violence, robbery and theft by customers. The huge financial and human cost of retail crime naturally has a major impact on the profitability and efficiency of any business but can have particularly serious implications in such a highly competitive sector. In response, stores are increasingly looking to new technologies, such as biometric facial recognition, to provide solutions.

Store Security in the Digital Age

There’s truth to the adage that prevention is better than cure. Detecting potential theft and/or violence before it happens using fast and efficient biometric technology is a major advantage when preventing in-store crime. With facial recognition systems such as QikDETEKT (a system initially developed for the retail industry to combat shoplifting) store owners can create internal ‘watch lists’ that flag a known offender on entry and send real-time alerts to security staff across a range of platforms, allowing an instant response. Once offenders know they will be challenged on entry, the system then becomes a highly-effective deterrent for those who regularly target stores, reducing the incidence of not only theft but violence and abuse against staff on the premises.

Another area where biometric facial recognition is being trialled in several supermarkets this year is at the ever-more prevalent self-service tills. By registering via an app, shoppers will be able to become part of a database that allows them to purchase age-restricted items (like alcohol) that require them to produce a valid ID. Not only could this make shopping faster and more convenient for consumers but, with your face as your ID, producing a forgery isn’t an option.

Enhanced Security for Your Business

With the total cost of retail crime in the UK at £700m and retailers now spending the same amount on non-cyber crime per quarter as they would previously have done in an entire year, turning to more efficient and cost-effective security solutions like biometric facial recognition technology makes good business sense.

If you’d like to discuss how QikID Services Ltd.’s QikDETEKT system could address vulnerabilities in your store’s security, improve customer experience, reduce lost revenue and protect your staff, contact us for more information.