QikID Services (EMEA) Ltd Deliver Biometric solution for State-of-the-Art City of London Office Development

Our role in one of the capital’s most recent high-tech office developments sees QikID Services (EMEA) Ltd leading the charge in delivering cutting-edge facial recognition technology to the heart of London’s commercial property sector.

Bureau, at 90 Fetter Lane in the City of London, is the embodiment of the state-of-the-art commercial workspace, designed to satisfy the technological, environmental and cultural demands of the smart business. Befitting one of the world’s leading smart cities, the integration of high-tech systems at every level heralds a new era for the contemporary office space.

A key aim of this benchmark £115m refurbishment project by Evans Randall Investors is improving visitor experience, which is where the collaboration with QikID Services (EMEA) Ltd began. Evans Randall Chief Executive, Kent Gardner explained: “We want visitors to feel welcome, recognised and appreciated when they enter Bureau and the facial recognition technology is part of the frictionless, hassle-free reception experience we have set out to create.

The challenge of delivering these objectives was met through the implementation of our QikDETEKT biometric system, the first in the EMEA region.

Changing the Face of the Contemporary Workplace

From equipment installation to software integration, our team worked closely with developers and the Client to ensure the QikDETEKT identity management system satisfied the project’s unique specifications.

Ease and efficiency were the core elements of ensuring that visitor experience met the expectations of Bureau’s customers and Front of House staff. QikDETEKT’s compatibility with the client’s requirements lie in its simplicity:

  1. Visitors pre-enroll via a link to QikID’s secure, encrypted portal and a biometric template is generated.
  2. On entering the building, the visitor is captured by strategically positioned cameras and matched to their biometric template.
  3. Front of House are alerted, in real time, that the visitor has arrived.
  4. In the event that a Visitor isn’t pre-enrolled, Front of House Staff can simply enrol them on-site.

In using a system that demands minimal input whilst delivering maximum efficiency, Bureau has been able to achieve the superior user experience they envisaged.

“With QikDETEKT, I have the ability to provide a personalised service, engage with people and give them a unique experience when visiting Bureau 90 Fetter Lane and I am very excited and proud to be part of this innovative revolution.”

Anastasia Stutz, Reception Manager, Bureau, 90 Fetter Lane.


Setting the Standard in Biometric Identity Management

The QikDETEKT installation at Bureau is already demonstrating its efficacy as a system tailor-made for commercial companies at the leading edge of smart-technology integration in the workplace.

Steve Morley, Director of QikID Services Ltd says: “The beauty of QikDETEKT and the ethos of the technical team that developed it, is the ability to tailor the end product to exactly what the Client requires.”

Neil Holloway, Director of QikID Services adds: “We have no doubt that QikDETEKT will become more widely used in the commercial property market as both an enabler to enhanced customer experience and as an improved security offering.”

As a stable centre of global investment, London is at the forefront of driving innovation and transforming the culture of the contemporary workspace. At QikID Services (EMEA) Ltd, we’re working with forward-thinking business across London’s commercial property sector to realise the workplace of the future.

Further Information: If you’d like to discuss how our biometric data systems could add value to your commercial property, contact us today.

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