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Biometric Identity Management Services

QIKID Services (EMEA) Ltd is the licensed distributor of the products and services for QIKID PTY. It has an exclusive distributor license to sell and deliver Biometric Facial Recognition products for QIKID in the EMEA region.

The key principles of the Company’s approach are adding value, agility and speed to market.
We have a clear focus on the UK Property Management sector and firmly believe that, through the implementation of Biometric Facial Recognition technology, we are innovating how the market manages the flow of people through commercial buildings.
In an industry that has serious concerns about the current and future security environment and a desire to improve its Visitor management and Customer experience, we provide the bespoke solutions that add value to your business. With service offerings broadly the same across the sector, our technology will give you the edge in the ongoing challenge to achieve a competitive advantage.

The key product that delivers Biometric Facial Recognition is QikDETEKT™:

  • QikDETEKT is a camera-enabled solution that employs highly sophisticated data encryption technologies and strict protocols to ensure sensitive information is only used for the purpose it was intended.
  • QikDETEKT is a secure cloud-based system with a local Client watch list server.
  • QikDETEKT has the lowest cost-of-ownership on the market.

On 25th May 2018, data protection laws changed; QikID Services (EMEA) Ltd recognise the importance of this change and, through close affiliation with QikID Pty, are able to demonstrate full compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations).

Meet the Team


Steve Morley, MBA, FCMI CMgr, an experienced senior business leader in the Ports & Maritime, Security & Defence and the Property Management sectors.

Steve Morley


Neil Holloway, an experienced business transformation consultant in the Security & Defence and Property Management Sectors.

Neil Holloway